Intro to Addi Knitting Machines - Heather Moore Makes
What is an Addi knitting machine, how does it work and why do you need one? I’m answering all of you beginner questions so you can get on your way to knitting with a machine.
Addi Express King
Addi Express
Addi Egg
    Pictured above are 3 sizes:
    Addi Express King - 46 stitches
    Addi Express - 22 stitches
    Addi Egg - 6 stitches
    Now that you know what the machines look like, it’s time to see how you can use them to create beautiful knit items.
    Seriously, this machine is so easy that my kids use it! This hat was made in about 40 minutes by one of my kids and it’s so awesome to see them wearing something they made by themselves!
    Heather Moore