Color Guide - Lost in Time Shawl - Heather Moore Makes

This pattern has been on my to-do list for quite some time. It’s absolutely beautiful and the intricate details make it a statement piece you don’t see every day.  Here in the US, there aren’t many stores that carry Scheepjes yarn. I’ve had to admire it from my computer monitor and wonder what it feels like, but I do know it looks amazing in pictures.

Color Guide - Lost in Time Shawl
One day while walking down the aisle in my local yarn shop I saw a box from a distance with the words “Scheepjes”! Could it be?… I excitedly walked to the box, knowing full well I was buying whatever was in it and to my surprise it was the Stone and River Washed color pack. The number one item I wanted from Scheepjes was in my hands.
Color Guide: Lost in Time Shawl
Then, you know how it goes, beautiful yarn, but what to make with it? The Lost in Time Shawl pattern came up on my Pinterest feed shortly after and I wondered, could I complete it with 1 pack of colors? After some research, I found that each color pack consisted of 1400 yards. I can do this! So I started out on a color changing journey, documenting the colors I used along the way.
Color Guide: Lost in Time Shawl
About halfway through my rows I realized that this was going to be an amazing piece. It was then that I decided to invest in another color pack so I’d have plenty of yarn -those bobble and post double crochet rows eat up a lot of yarn. In the end, I’m so glad I did. The good news is that there is plenty of yarn leftover to make other projects and my shawl is probably my favorite finished piece to date. All of that color means it literally goes with any outfit.



  • This color companion is to be used with the Lost in Time Crochet Pattern by Mijo Crochet
  • Each row requires a different color
  • Some colors will be repeated while other similar colors are mixed
  • To add a color seamlessly at the end of each row complete the last st up until the last yo. Switch to next color, yo and complete stitch
  • Wait until your shawl is complete to weave-in ends
  • The row listed in parenthesis is the repeat row you are currently on


Approx. 72" width x 36" height - not including tasselsTassels - 7" in length 



Gauge is not important for this finished project

Color Guide: Lost in Time Shawl

Row 1: Stone Washed - Crystal Quartz
Row 2: River Washed - Ganges
Row 3: Stone Washed - Turquoise
Row 4: Stone Washed - Obsidian
Row 5: Stone Washed - Frosterite
Row 6: Stone Washed - Enstatite
Row 7: Stone Washed - Lilac Quartz
Row 8: Stone Washed - Carnelian
Row 9: River Washed - Rhine
Row 10: Stone Washed - Beryl
Row 11: River Washed - Steenbras
Row 12: Stone Washed - Brown Agate

Color Guide: Lost in Time Shawl

Row 13: Stone Washed - Pedirot
Row 14: River Washed - Severn
Row 15: Stone Washed - Crystal Quartz
Row 16: River Washed - Mississippi
Row 17: Stone Washed - Black Onyx
Row 18: Stone Washed - Morganite
Row 19: Stone Washed - Frosterite
Row 20: River Washed - Danube
Row 21: Stone Washed - Pink Quartzite
Row 22: Stone Washed - Boulder Opal
Row 23: River Washed - Colorado
Row 24: Stone Washed - Enstatite
Row 25: Stone Washed - Red Jasper
Row 26: Stone Washed - Turquoise
Row 27 (15): Stone Washed - Black Onyx
Row 28 (16): Stone Washed - Beryl
Row 29 (17): Stone Washed - Deep Amethyst
Row 30 (18): Stone Washed - Pedirot
Row 31 (19): River Washed - Steenbras
Row 32 (20): Stone Washed - Morganite
Row 33 (21): River Washed - Danube
Row 34 (22): River Washed - Nile
Row 35 (23): Stone Washed - Moonstone
Row 36 (24): Stone Washed - Rhodochrosite

Color Guide: Lost in Time
Row 37 (25): River Washed - Colorado
Row 38 (26): Stone Washed - Malachite
Row 39 (15): Stone Washed - Boulder Opal
Row 40 (16): River Washed - Mississippi
Row 41 (17): Stone Washed - New Jade
Row 42 (18): Stone Washed - Garnet
Row 43 (19): Stone Washed - Beryl
Row 44 (20): River Washed - Wheaton
Row 45 (21): Stone Washed - Coral
Row 46 (22): Stone Washed - Lepidolite
Row 47 (23): River Washed - Steenbras
Row 48 (24): Stone Wash - Axinite
Row 49 (25): River Washed - Congo
Row 50 (26): Stone Washed - Carnelian
-finish with Red Jasper
Row 51 (15): River Washed - Danube
Row 52 (16): Stone Washed - Black Onyx
Row 53 (17): Stone Washed - Pink Quartz
Row 54 (18): River Washed - Seine
Row 55 (19): River Washed - Yarra
Row 56 (20): Stone Washed - Smokey Quartz
Row 57 (21): River Washed - Mekong
Row 58 (22): Stone Washed - Green Agate
-finish with turquoise
Row 59 (23): River Washed - Amazon
Row 60 (24): Stone Washed - Corundum Ruby
Row 61 (25): Stone Washed - Pink Quartzite
Row 62 (26): Stone Washed - Yellow Jasper
-finish with Ensatite

Color Guide: Lost in Time Shawl


Row 1: River Washed - Gagnes

Row 2: River Washed - Rhine

Row 3: Stone Washed - Brown Agate


TASSELS - 1 Strand of Each

River Washed - Amazon
Stone Washed - Blue Apatite
River Washed - Yarra


Stone Washed - Lemon Quartz
Heather Moore